Surgical Tech Salary Information

surgical-techThe salary of a surgical tech is very competitive with other jobs in this industry. According to Payscale, a surgical technician can expect to see an hourly wage of between $12.98 to $23.95; annually those numbers translate to $27,256 $36,080. However, those individuals who have the proper credentials backed by years of experience can earn up to $51,140 a year. In these tough economic times, a decent living can be had on that salary.

Unlike other professions, the surgical tech salary remains uniform across various places where a tech can find employment. For example, at a physician’s office a tech can expect to make about $37,300 per year. Techs that work at outpatient centers, hospitals, and dental offices is between $34,160 to $37,280 respectively.

Increasing Your Salary

In order for a person who is interested in this field to maximize their earning potential, it is necessary for them to have the experience coupled with academic achievements. This is not unlike most careers in that those two ingredients are integral in earning the best salary.

Persons that are interested in becoming surgical techs should expect to spend between nine to 24 months in a surgical tech program. After successfully passing your classes you will be able to sit for the exam in order to get the certification that is needed in order to command the best possible salary.


In addition to the education and experience, your geographic location also plays a big role in the how much you could potentially make as a surgical tech. Individuals that live in bigger cities tend to be compensated more than persons who live in smaller towns. This is due in part to the cost of living being much higher in big cities and there being a larger pool of talent to choose from. By offering competitive salaries, an employer is widening the talent pool and getting applications from the best and brightest.

Not unlike many other health care professions, surgical techs can expect to see a boost in job growth. Surgery is a very delicate procedure that requires a surgeon’s undivided attention to his patient. He requires as much help as possible in order to ensure that he is using the proper tools and that those tools are sterilized so as to not cause infection. This is the job of the surgical technician to make sure that the equipment is clean and properly sanitized. As the demand has increased, so has the salary of the technician.

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How to Become a X Ray Technician

If you are deciding to get into the x-ray technician field, there are 3 different paths you can take. A one-year certificate program, with two year Associates degree, or a four-year bachelor’s degree. The one-year certificate program is for those who already have significant experience in radiology technology or those who are changing their medical field. As recommended by, for people who want to learn how to be a radiology technician with no prior experience there are two paths they may follow. They can pursue a 2 year associate degree program.

This is the most practical, however for those who seek advancement within the field, a 4 year bachelor’s degree program will be far more effective. Following their academic training, radiology technicians must pass an exam in order to become certified. In addition to the achieving the certification, they must take an additional 24 hours of continuing education every two years to maintain their certification. Many states also require licensing. To learn about licensing, consult the state in which you are interested in working as a radiology technician as different states have different requirements.

X Ray Technician Salary Levels Today

If you’re thinking of becoming a radiology technician, one thing you’ll want to know is what is a radiology technician salary. The earnings of the radiology technician are significantly affected by several factors. The first is experience on the job. A brand-new certified radiology technician is certainly not going to have the same earning power as an experienced technician with several years on the job. Another factor is location.

Average salaries vary quite a bit from state to state, as does the cost-of-living. So even though at first glance it may appear that the radiology technician from California makes quite a bit more than one from Oklahoma, due to the difference in the cost-of-living, their living standards may actually be quite similar. As for the actual numbers, as a brand-new radiology technician you could probably expect to earn around $35,000 per year. With a bachelors degree in several years of experience this number can conceivably go as high as $90,000 a year. The job outlook is quite good for radiology technicians, so if you would like to make a good radiology technician salary, the field is wide open.

What Can You Expect from X-Ray Technician Schools?

Most radiology technician schools nowadays are equipped with highly professional instructors and specialized trainings that they offer to their students such as (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging and (CT) Computerized Tomography Scanning. Programs offered in these institutions are classified as to associate or bachelor’s degree.

How Much Is Tuition?

A range of $8,000 to 12,000 for 18 to 24 months period will be sufficient to fund your schooling and to finally get an associate’s degree. Some schools have their own amenities for the hands-on training of the students which is very much helpful because students are able to save their money and time. There are also community programs which charge a much lower tuition than the other school’s average range. Radiology technology is not a difficult course, but if you want to enter on this career you must have the passion and a big heart in helping people. Radiography is a short term course with high incomes that no one will ever regret.

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Ultrasound Technician Jobs Offer a Great Career

job-of-an-ultrasound-techPlanning to get ahead and pursue a job of an ultrasound technician will offer you endless opportunities. The first good news about this is that the ultrasound technician salary is very rewarding. This is the kind of salary you will not get just anywhere or in any other job. This is being offered almost exclusively when you enter the medical field. This is why this type of career is being pursued by several people.

This is why this job has been classified as an in demand type of job not only in America, but continually growing around the world too. Most of the hospitals and other health care facilities have openings for this type of job. So there is no need to worry of having job opportunities after you finish on your ultrasound technician training and course. You can almost immediately start earning decently and start on your journey towards professional growth.

Ultrasound Technician Requirements

Having a career in the medical field as an ultrasound technician or diagnostic medical sonographer can both be very rewarding and meticulous. It is very rewarding considering how much money you will be given the chance to earn and how much professional growth you can attain through working for this job. At the same time, it can be very meticulous when you look at some of the requirements you have to finish before being able to finally work for the said career.

The sonography career blog,, recommends that you first enroll in an ultrasound technician school or go through a training program to learn how to become a qualified ultrasound technician. They also share that it is very important that you enroll in an accredited school. After you complete you training, you also need to take some  examinations to finally be certified.

Ultrasound Technician Schools

You should not feel limited when it comes to picking which ultrasound technician school you want to study in. There are, in fact, many different schools out there that will not only give you the certificate you need to work as an ultrasound technician, but can also provide you with the learning environment you need. You can either go for certificates from trainings or else really go the extra mile and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in ultrasound (diagnostic medical sonography).

The learning does not have to stop there. You can also go for higher learning education by enrolling for advanced courses. This is so that you will be able to acquire specialization in any field you want. This is rather a very good opportunity to be able to not only learn advance experiences in the medical field but will also increase your chances for a promotion and higher salary.

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Where Can You Find CNA Training Programs?

cna-childAffordable cna training programs are easy to find, if you know where to search. Quite a few community colleges and hospital institutions nationally tender inexpensive programs to obtain your certification to become a certified nursing assistant. There are some associations that even offer cheap CNA training programs. One such organization is the renowned American Red Cross.

There are a number of institutions funded by the Red Cross that provide the CNA training required for such certification. states that the good thing about these institutions is that in just 4 to 6 weeks time, applicants receive an ample amount of classroom experience and clinical skills to be eligible to take the state certification exams. Even better than discounted programs are the ones that offer free CNA training courses.

Various hospitals, large facilities and other employers in the health care field offer these free CNA classes through local institutions or through online courses. A significant disparity to note between classes and courses is that courses usually present more printed and written coursework, while classes offer more clinical, hands-on experience for the CNA candidates.

What to Do Before Taking the CNA Exam?

Taking a practice test is one of the best measures to study your cna exam and set you up for the challenge of taking such a standardized test. There are many CNA exam study guides and references obtainable both online and textbooks, and most of them will have at least a few practice questions included.

Here are just some strategies to ascertain your success when you take the actual CNA examination.

  • Take CNA practice tests for several times: With so many practice tests on hand for free; there is no reason not to try out several. You will expose yourself to the different questions and get more idea on how to correctly answer the question.
  • Use good study materials: with good study materials and tools, you will be able to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you ought to know.
  • Consult trusted people: Your friends, and even people you do not know at all, can help you prepare for the CNA exam. Tell your family and friends to remind you to study or even just have them sit and listen while you explicate something you have learned from studying.
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Best States And Regions for World Class Physical Therapy

The important consideration to understand when choosing a physical therapy assistant school is not only cost, but also the reputation of the educational facility producing a history of successful alumni. If an organization is well regarded in the quality of professionals that come out of its programs, then there is every reason to have the confidence that you too can enjoy a sterling future based on your education.

Because of the preponderance of population in the eastern portion of the United States, they enjoy a higher concentration of educational academies that produce more qualified therapy professionals than anywhere else in the country.

Certain states in America enjoy the notoriety of hosting some of the top physical therapy assistant programs in the nation. These organizations include the University of Evansville, in Evansville Indiana, The Community College of the Air Force, in Montgomery Alabama, Gateway Community College, in Phoenix Arizona, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville Arkansas, and Loma Linda University, Loma Linda California.

These educational facilities are respected for the number and quality of their graduates as well as the continual support of the local communities they inhabit. Many also boast very low tuition rates, to allow for an exceptional education to all who qualify mentality. These academic institutions maintain high levels of quality graduates because they only accept the best candidates to their worthy programs.

Where The Most PTA Jobs Are Located

For those just graduating from physical therapy assistant programs and are now looking for employment opportunities, there are several considerations that may have relevance for you, according to the healthcare career site, One question you might ask is, do you want to work among many peers and in geographical locations that can support an abundance of these healthcare professionals? Or are you more inclined to reject the crowds and find opportunities in geographical regions where the populations are scarcer and the lifestyle perhaps a little slower?

The answers to these questions may have serious ramifications for an eventual quality of life, and can change when lifestyle changes occur such as marriage and family become more predominant.

Current research indicates that the region considered the eastern most third of the nation is where there are the most people practicing this avocation. As a matter of fact, the upper half of the eastern most regions is by far the area that employs the most physical therapy assistants. What it could come down to is a quality of life choice. Where can you find stimulating work and career opportunities while managing a satisfying lifestyle?

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LVN’s And Other Nursing Jobs

lvnAs far as nursing careers go, there are many opportunities for career growth. The healthcare industry is growing leaps and bounds, always creating new opportunities, and with all the advances in technology, there is actually a shortage in qualified personnel to operate new devices that help one with their job. Those that specialize is specific nursing fields can really make a difference that range from in-home nursing care that supervise individual patients, to those who choose to work within the high traffic hospitals managing many beds. What ever role one chooses in the various nursing careers, let it be known that they all play a very important part in the duties of healthcare.

LPN/LVN’s can find work in all the areas of healthcare and there is always a shortage. According to,¬†their position falls somewhere between a nursing assistant and the registered nurses. Their position would assist with the bedside duties for a patient as in monitoring vital signs, tending to patients wounds and dressings, monitoring swelling with ice packs, administering injections and tending to all the personal needs of the patient.

For one who chooses the Occupational Health Nurse field, their position would be to help provide the community with emergency response assistance in the case of any disaster. They are also responsible for managing accident reports and following up. Sometimes they can assist the doctors with health exams, go over and reiterate the doctors orders and help to identify any health or safety issues or concerns within the working environment.

The Home Health Nurse would also fall under the category of a registered nurse or RN. These highly skilled nurses provide nursing care to those who are infirm or need to be at home. Many of them travel quite a bit to patients homes. They are usually hired by the hospital or some of them will work for an outpatient center. They do not just care for he patient, but educate and instruct the families on the necessities of healthy living and lifestyle. In more rural areas a home health nurse would provide vaccinations and check in on mothers who have delivered at home, due to the fact that they cannot travel to the doctors office. Home health nurses may also work closely with the local physicians.

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Medical Billing And Coding: The Career And Salary

One of the areas of the medical field that has continued to have an influx of career opportunities is medical coding and billing. In these uncertain times it is refreshing to know that one can have a very lucrative career in the medical billing and coding field.

The U. S. Bureau of Statistics states that health careers are one of the fastest growing occupations. The job can be very challenging, but as your skills grow and level of understanding of the job, salary compensation becomes a very nice bonus.

What Medical Billers Do On The Job

As a biller and coder, you are one of the team members within a facility. The job is one that is very important, due to the fact that you are to interpret clinical data with medical codes, that are recognized by insurance companies. These coding procedures are the most important information, as they identify, who, what and why a patient was seen by the doctor. It is these special codes that allow the doctor to receive reimbursement from the insurances.

A specialized certified medical biller and coder will always have a job, as there will always be a steady flow of patients that are seen for medical treatments.

In seeking good career choices, what type of salary one can earn can make a difference in ones decision. As noted at, the medical billing and coding salary, may not be one of the highest earned salaries within the medical field, but, it is good to know that when one is hired as a professional medical biller and coder, they can make a very comfortable salary.

What A Salary May Be Based On

The salary of a medical biller and coder can be directly influenced by quite a few factors. The education one has, going into the career, as well as training, contributes a great amount in income levels and benefits. The per hour pay of the medical biller and coder can vary from each establishment, but usual ranges are between $12.00 per hour to $16.00 per hour.

Geo-graphics play another big contributor in salary ranges. If one works where there is a high cost of living, as in a city location, the salaries are usually competitive. Most studies have referenced that the medical biller and coder can expect between $30,000 and $50,000 annually.

The individual who continually invests in their future and educates themselves on any new coding procedure changes, as well as, certain seminars to promote the further education of billers and coders, would be recognized with salary and benefit compensation.

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